What You Ought To Know About Paxos – The Island Of Tranquility & Purity

No one can delineate the beauty of the majestic island of Paxos in a few words. This is the wonderful place to traverse with its tranquil and unspoilt approach. Its tranquility makes it unique from all other tourist destinations. Visitors who love to explore the undiscovered beauty and want to spend their vacation in a less-crowded place can plan for a trip to this Greek island.

It is spread in the area of just 19 square kilometers with about 30 beaches, countless olive trees, wild flowers, cypress trees, pine trees, sheer cliffs and breathtaking sea caves. All are just adorable and enchant you with its old-fashioned appearance and centuries-old settlement. There is no airport, so, you will have to book a ferry from the Corfu, which will drop you at the main port of this Island.

Well, the journey from the Corfu to Paxos is not so long, takes about 15 to 20 minutes. And, you can enjoy every minute gazing at the twinkling sea and azure water en route.

Just after stepping out the feet from the ferry to the port, you can feel the freshness you have read in travelling blogs and sites for this idyllic island. The clean skyline with no sign of air pollution and clean paths without noise pollution- what an unspoilt beauty this Greek island has. Not only the land and skyline, but the beaches and water are so pure. You can feel refreshed swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear water. You can walk on the beaches without thinking twice. However, beaches in Paxos are pebbles; so, bring the beach shoes with you.

When you go inside the island, then few abandoned villas and forgotten churches can amaze you with their beautiful artistry work and cultural heritage. You have museum too, where you can explore the history of this Island and Greece apparently. What if you are hungry and looking for a restaurant for having brunch or lunch? Well, there are some restaurants in the Gaios, which are good to offer you the delicious food.

Dozens of traditional tavernas are also there, which you must visit to have your lunch in Greek style with Greek dishes. And, if you want to quench your thirst for a good drink, then you can come to Loggos. This fishing village has some good bars to serve you varieties of liquor, wine, and cocktail.

The best part of this island is the peace and purity, which you can feel everywhere. Eye-catching scenery, beautiful landscapes, picturesque hills with tranquil beaches and azure sea can make you stay here forever. Locals are also so friendly and always available to help you whenever is needed.

Apart from this, the island has some privately owned villas which are available on rent for tourists at quite reasonable rates with luxury amenities and enough open and private space.

Fun-Filled Summer At Ocracoke Island

Summer’s here once again! It’s time for joy, spending days lazily on the expansive beaches with the turquoise ocean in the front and chilling out with all loved ones with oodles of ice creams. It’s a time for a vacation with your families, experiencing a new taste of liberty and fun.

Set off with your family or friends to spend the summer at Ocracoke Island. The ecstatic island of Ocracoke that is located in North California, is one of the perfect destination for the flocks who are planning to enjoy some fun-filled days on beaches during the summer. Being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlioc Sound, Ocracoke is the home of a number of wondrous beaches. The island of Ocracoke is the most southerly inhibited part of the Outer Bank and is usually less chaotic and less crowded as compared to the other US tourist spots. The most interesting thing is that you can not only experience the awesome taste of the cool beaches but also can enjoy the inspiring rustic feel in the old fashioned village of Ocracoke. The village of Ocracoke is located at the widest zone of the island, around a small harbor known as Silver Lake.

NC 12 – the double-lane road connects the two extremities of the island – the village at the southern most tip and the ferry dock at the northern most point of the island, where you can find the free ferry connecting to Hatteras Island. The place is less congested and well suited for you if you are planning for a peaceful vacation, wishing to explore the series of surrounding attractions.

Owned by the United States of America’s National Park Service, the Ocracoke Island has been rated to be the best beach in USA and has won 2006 best beach award. Whether you like to see the multicolored shoal swimming or you want to fish in the ocean or you would like to get yourself tanned, Ocracoke Island promises to be the perfect spot to spend the summer. The island has got something to offer for all generations and people of all tastes and cultures. The list of activities in Ocracoke Island includes but are not limited to boating, swimming, camping, fishing, surfing, etc.

Spending summer at Ocracoke Island will really be worth meaningful for you if you are tired of the daily chaotic life. The enticing crimson sunrise and sunset of the place is really a sensational sight that you would love to capture in your camera. No doubt about the fact that you will miss all your friends and loved ones while experiencing the otherworldly view of the paradisaical Ocracoke beaches. While spending summer at Ocracoke Island you can send beautiful free ecards from this wonderful land to your friends and dear ones whom you are going to miss. 123Greetings is probably one of the best ecard site that has brought forth a wide range of inspirational summer cards offering you the great opportunity to wish your loved ones a Happy Summer. We will be moved to see how 123Greetings connects the you with your friends with the inspiring free ecards when you are enjoying the summer at Ocracoke Island.

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Luxury Travel To Island Spas

The spa experience has continued to gain in popularity for upscale travelers seeking the ultimate in pampering and rejuvenation as an escape from the hectic pace and stresses of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Spas of all types and holistic philosophies abound as a means of countering the stress. Cruise travelers book luxury onboard spa treatments along with cruise tickets well in advance of departure. A vast assortment of mainland spa resorts located at the most scenic or serene spots on every continent offer the best in herbal and oriental treatments. But savvy travelers know that it’s possible to combine the best perks of an ocean cruise spa and a spa resort by locating a five-star luxury spa located on one of the many fantastic warm islands scattered across the globe.

An island adventure can bring a visitor to the same ports of call as the cruise ship, with all the beauty and serenity of azure ocean water and waves lapping on the beach. The same classic and traditional treatments known to the ancient philosophers can be found by seeking out the right luxury island spa. Conversely, trendy spas located on an island will provide the latest in fashionable regimens. It’s easy to find the ultimate spa experience and combine it with a trip to a romantic island locale.

Think of romantic islands and the islands in the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans immediately come to mind, like Tahiti and Mauritius. In fact, Tahiti has the reputation of being one of the premier luxury spa destinations in the world, due in part to the marvelous selection of Polynesian oils, flowers, and plants that grow on the island. According to the Tahitian tourism bureau, Polynesian spas are “designed by Mother Nature.” Anyone seeking the ultimate in natural treatments in a spa experience would be well served by a visit to a luxury spa resort in Tahiti.

On the opposite side of the globe, the Seychelles Islands have a reputation for luxury and romantic settings all their own. Inspired by traditional Eastern philosophies like Ayurveda from India, spas in the Seychelles provide the ultimate in opportunities to relax and renew in a lush tropical setting surrounded by clear azure waters. What more could a visitor ask for? If it’s fine dining, luxury accommodations and impeccable service, those come in the package as well. For complete tranquility and seclusion, consider staying at a private island resort.

Not to be forgotten are the islands in the Caribbean Sea that are popular tourist destinations as well and have been for decades. Since a vacation trip to one of the famed Caribbean islands is always in style, five-star luxury resorts with the latest in complete spa facilities abound. Instead of searching for the ideal spa experience, upscale travelers to the Caribbean can select from a vast array of quality choices; the question becomes what island is preferred and then which of its many fine spa resorts.

It’s possible to combine the best of everything into one travel package: the best in scenic beaches and oceanfront property, the best cuisine and service, plus the best in spa treatments and services all in one vacation – on a luxury island holiday.

Grand Bahamas Island – A Grand Vacation Spot

Does the idea of nature lure you most while searching for that ultimate destination, offering you nothing but enduring peace? Here, endless beach stretches wait to welcome you with all their zest and warmth. Nature is at its best in the grand Bahamas Island and unfolds itself with all its bounties. Moreover, here you will find pearl white beaches, inviting hotels as well as a casino. Night time entertainment is guaranteed and the serenity of the place remains with you for a longer time to remain. One can do endless shopping for the souvenirs and otherwise and get the real fun from the action. On the action front, water sports are guaranteed along with the long strolls on its pristine beaches. The azure waters of the seas remind you instantly of the vastness of nature and the clear skies are as inviting as its beaches.

The grand Bahamas island group is home to its attractive destination of Nassau, which has been planned in the most modernistic fashion. Same can be said about Freeport or Lucaya, which has again been planned on the same lines. It is the second most popular tourist destination after Nassau and also has got world class scuba diving facilities. Besides the underwater sports is one of the attractive features of the island group. One can also take a long stroll through Port Lucaya and a treasure trove of artifacts from around the world can be found here. As already mentioned Freeport or Lucaya are major cities of the grand Bahamas Island. It consists of a ship harbor and the main airport and has got several goods shops and roads. An attractive feature of grand Bahamas Island is the neat and clean state of most of its places and is the reason why most of the people opt for these islands. Most of the information regarding the hotels and the facilities they offer besides the prices as well can be found from their website.

Another attractive destination on these islands is Port Lucaya .and it has got those typical features of the major island i.e., the neatness factor. For the adventure lovers, there is fishing, snorkeling, sight seeing, and booze cruise trips which leave daily from the Bell channel harbor. Although west end is officially regarded as the capital city of grand Bahamas Island, Freeport is also believed to be the same by many. The oldest city on the island, it is situated on the western end of the grand Bahamas island. Many renovations have taken place over the years to give a completely new look to its docks. Also, innumerable canals have been dug out for luxury home sites and the construction of the new restaurants is complete.

For those, who seek the company of nature in its purest form, the grand Bahamas Island offers you its mysterious underwater caves. These caves have a unique flora and fauna of their own unlikely to be found anywhere in the land. These cave systems are situated in the Lucayan national park and are somehow much quieter than Nassau. The native Bahamians comprise 88% of the island population and are very lively and full of warmth. You feel as if you have arrived in a home away form home and yet enjoy the nature in its pristine form and welcoming arms.

All About Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

Vintage rhinestone jewelry is quite beautiful to look at and is intended to simulate diamonds. The best rhinestones are cut from quartz crystal. Vintage rhinestone jewelry comes in many exciting shades and they give off a wonderful sparkle effect.

These pieces of crystal were originally sifted from the Rhine River in Austria and after World War II they became as exciting as diamonds. Over the years, original rhinestones gave way to mass produced glass rhinestones but there are a few features that the finer variety offer. They will be hand faceted, prong set and polished. The sparkle will help to determine the quality. The craftsmanship will often come through in a piece of vintage jewelry as well.

When speaking about vintage rhinestone jewelry there is a lot of different terminology used. There is Art Noveau jewelry that originated in Paris, France and the jewelry from this era is dated from about 1890 to 1910. The Art Deco jewelry era is dated from around 1925 to 1940. Dress clips and fur clips were very popular during these eras and often were made with sparkling rhinestones.

A beautiful type of vintage rhinestone jewelry is the Aurora Borealis. The rhinestones were given a special iridescent coating that was developed in 1955 and the coating produces a rainbow of colors. These stones are beautiful to behold and were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

There are a lot of different designers that made vintage rhinestone jewelry and some of the pieces are very rare. For example, the Alice Jewelry Company of Rhode Island produced some beautiful rhinestone pieces that are marked Alice in script. Miriam Haskell was an artist who began selling jewelry in 1924. Her pieces contained clusters of beads, artificial pearls and rhinestones and are very sought after today. Weiss was a company located in New York City and the company used the finest Austrian rhinestones in their jewelry. The quality and clarity was excellent and the price of a Weiss piece of vintage jewelry continues to rapidly rise.

Many people love wearing (and collecting) what is known as parure vintage rhinestone jewelry. A parure is a set of matching jewelry, typically consisting of a necklace, bracelet, earrings and brooch. Demi-parure consists of a matching necklace, earrings and brooch. It does not include a bracelet.

Some of the most popular vintage rhinestone jewelry comes in red and purple. It can be difficult to find pierced earrings that are vintage, as few women had pierced ears back then and many of those that did have pierced ears, preferred to wear the screw backs that were in fashion at that time. Vintage rhinestone jewelry made of sterling or gold is also more rare as most of the jewelry made with these metals contained real stones.

You will be able to find many pieces of gorgeous vintage rhinestone jewelry on auction sites like eBay and Amazon. If you are interested in collecting the pieces look for designers I mentioned above. Some other names to be on the lookout for are Art, Coro, Eisenberg, Hollycraft and Floreza to name just a few.

Graduate Fashion Week

If you want to keep your finger on the fashion pulse, there is no better way than attending the annual event that is Graduate Fashion Week. Graduate fashion Week is a great way to find out about up and coming designers and know what is in store in the fashion future. If you find a designer that you like at Graduate Fashion week chances are you may be able to get hold of their creations for a fraction of the price of some of the more established designers. You can look original, support British designer talent and possible bag your self a real investment. Previous winners of graduate fashion week that have spring boarded to success have included Christopher Bailey, Giles Deacon, Hussein Chalayan, Stella McCartney, Danielle Scutt and Amy Molyneaux.

Graduate Fashion Week was launched in 1991 as a forum to showcase the very best BA Graduate fashion design talent in the UK. This year the annual event took place from 8th -12th June at Earls court and concluded with a grand finale Gala awards evening. Scouts from all over the world attend graduate fashion week hoping to spot the next big British talent with a touch of that quirkiness that makes British fashion so successful on a global scale. The event included a static exhibition and 23 shows over the four days. The show is sponsored by high street fashion store, River Island. The most outstanding collection is awarded the River Island Gold Award. The lucky winner will receive an impressive £20,000 prize and this is the only Award of its kind within UK fashion education.

Graduate fashion week is a show case for the best and worst of graduate talent and will often produce some hilarious results. It includes designs from weird to wearable and probably everything in between. But there is definitely an edginess and freshness about the whole event. Some of the Universities seem to produce amazingly talented designers in certain areas. Northumbria often shows some top prints, colour and knits. Westminster and Kingston often produce some of the more bizarre creations. De Montfort’s show is usually quite unique as it runs the best course in Europe for corsetry and lingerie.

Introducing Plastic Island Clothing

The brand Plastic Island clothing is one of those brands that seems to meet every woman’s basic needs when it comes to high-end clothing. The line is described as playful but with a purpose, these clothes are for the women that do it all. Plastic Island clothing has such a unique brand flavor in fact that it seeks out the woman that holds that indefinable quality. This is a woman who has her own style, exudes her strength in the staples she chooses, but balances that strength with a unique blend of femininity in both her clothing, and the way she carries herself. This is the woman that Plastic Island clothing seeks to dress. She’s not your ordinary woman. For many women, she’s the one they want to be.

Plastic Island Clothing is a line that embodies high fashion, but is created for the contemporary marketplace today, making it an affordable and attainable line to carry in your own closet. It exudes international chic and is a clothing line that radiates the marriage of edge with elegance. In Plastic Island Clothing you will find the trends that are relevant, and the staples that will refresh your wardrobe and last for seasons to come.

Having been featured in magazines such as ELLE Magazine, Life and Style, Daily Candy, and Lucky Magazine, Plastic Island clothing is no stranger to the fashion industry. This is a clothing line that is being talked about, and talked about a lot. Celebrities such as Mandy Moore, and more, have given this line the credit it deserves. And why shouldn’t they? With the clean, sophisticated lines that you will find in every Plastic Island Clothing collection, you will see this brand deserves all the credit it gets.

Designer Anna Son has ensured that the Plastic Island clothing line is wearable for every woman, and she intuitively uses vibrant colors and unique detailing that will ensure your style stands apart from the rest. These are the clothes of the fashion forward woman. Which is why you will find these clothes in elite boutiques such as Fred Segal, Planet Blue, and NM Cusp.

Online boutiques are picking up on this clothing line that has heads turning on the street. Here you will find Plastic Island Clothing pieces like the Twist Back Dress, a dress with a unique European flair that offers you a contemporary version of the Little Black Dress, a timeless staple. The Plastic Island Bubble Hem Dress is an example of the vibrant shades Son uses in her line, and this piece uses unique fabric that sets it apart from anything else you will find. And you can’t forget the unique Plastic Island Tucked Skirt, a gorgeous trend in an equally stunning color with pleats that give the skirt shape and personality.

Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

The European fashion shows have finished, and the top designer brands have been showing their latest collections, but what have been the noticeable themes this year, and what is likely to be in the high street menswear stores for the spring and summer season of 2018?

Top designer brands, such as Armani Jeans, Billionaire Boys Club, Kenzo and Stone Island are stocking their shelves with the latest fashion right now, so here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to be trending in men’s fashion in the spring and summer of 2018.

The 1980s Are Fashionable Again

The decade that some would prefer to forget is going to be a big influence on men’s fashion this year and that is going to mean that faded jeans with frayed bottoms, pastel colours, and jackets with squared off shoulders will all be making a reappearance. Believe it or not, there were even a few creases ironed into the jeans at the fashion shows as well!


Shorts are not every man’s idea of the perfect formal wear item, and it’s fair to say that opinion has always been divided about men wearing shorts anywhere outside of the gym or a sports field. However, smart, tailored shorts were on show in many of the designer’s collections this year.

Vertical Stripes Will Be Big

Vertical stripes appeared on many of the runways this year, so expect to be adding some stripy numbers to your wardrobe this coming season. In fact, stripes could be on just about anything this summer, including T-shirts, joggers, suits and short-sleeved smart shirts.

Tonal Colour Matching

A lot of the outfits worn on the runways used tonal colour matching to great effect. In other words, head to toe complimentary shades. There’s going to be no throwing on what comes first out of the wardrobe this year, because the guys will be all wearing tonal matched outfits this summer.

Print Shirts

Graphic prints were also much in evidence at the shows, especially prints on shirts. Louis Viton majored on tropical prints this year, while you can find some very striking graphics on shirts in the stores right now from designer brands like Kenzo and Billionaire Boys Club.

Black and White Are Both Back

One of the big trends in men’s fashion for the SS18 season will be to dress all in white. The opposite was also in evidence at the European fashion shows with lots of black as well. The two were rarely mixed, though, so we won’t be returning to the two-tone look just yet!

Olives and Moss Greens

And finally, to go with an abundance of camouflage patterns there was a definite trend towards colours with a military feel, such as khaki, beige, and moss greens. Thankfully, brands such as Stone Island already have a good selection of coats, shirts and trousers in these sorts of shades, so you won’t have trouble keeping up with this particular SS18 men’s fashion trend.

Hot Item Spotlight – Plastic Island Dresses

There are still only a select group of online stores selling Plastic Island, but this brand is quickly becoming a fashion line not to miss. Plastic Island combines young trends with a sophisticated look that can’t be replicated by other lines. It also has a very European sense of styling, making anyone who wears one of their pieces look like she paid much more for it than she actually did! The spring/summer collection of Plastic Island dresses are particularly impressive.

It’s hard to pick one favorite Plastic Island dress, but if it’s necessary, I would go with the Plastic Island Twist Back Dress. This dress is made of a unique shimmery fabric and it’s done in a great shade of dark silver. It has an A-line/shapeless silhoutte, than looks great belted. But the most fun thing about this Plastic Island dress is the twisted back, that will have you turning heads when you enter and when you leave! It really is the perfect cocktail dress if you want to stand out a little bit, and a great alternative to the little black dress.

Another Plastic Island dress I have my eye on is the Bubble Hem Dress, which comes in a bright shade of royal blue, and is accented gray shoulders straps and a gray belt. It’s almost done in a jumper style along with pleats on the skirt, and of course a bubble shaped skirt. And once again, Plastic Island is using a unique fabric;this dress in particular comes in almost a windbreaker like fabric, which makes it stand out from it’s counterparts.

And I can’t leave out the Plastic Island Bubble Dress! Yes, it’s yet another bubble dress but it’s quite different from the Bubble Hem Dress. This particular dress is made of a rayon/polyester blend, with white and gray stripes, with a bit of silver metallic thread woven in. But it certainly does have the trademarked Plastic Island unique details. Upon close look at the neckline, the fabric is twisted, and it’s also twisted at the banded hem. Very cute!

If you’re looking for a great cocktail dress that is anything but the norm, be sure to always check out the Plastic Island dress line first, and the Twist Back Dress, the Bubble Hem Dress, and the Bubble Dress are three diverse pieces from their line that will certainly get a lot of wear if they are a part of your wardrobe! The attention to detail and progressive design that Plastic Island puts into each piece is a breathe of fresh air amongst other labels who merely follow trends.

Fun, Fashion, and Mauritius Holiday

For most vacation enthusiasts, vacations are also opportune time for fashion. Moreso when one is headed for a vacation holiday in Mauritius, as the island is bursting with contrasting myriad of colors that will surely be a perfect backdrop for well-dressed, equally diverse, vacationers. Of volcanic origin and generally sheltered by barriers of coral reefs forming natural, safe, crystal clear lagoons, Mauritius has long been the in thing for a dream holiday destination.

When a fashionista goes for a dream Mauritius holiday with an all-inclusive deal in a hotel like Constance Belle Mare Plage, it would feel like a fashion heaven as the island is bustling with tourists from different parts of the world displaying their best outfits.

Since a holiday in Mauritius would comprise mostly of the beach, water activities and exploring the island, fashion would mean taking your best beach and casual wear. Mauritius is certainly one of the best places to be seen in designer bikinis and signature sun dresses. However, please note that nudism and topless sunbathing are frowned upon on public beaches. No hotel permits nude sunbathing on beaches.

During the winter months from June to September, however, it is advisable to carry some light wool clothing for the cool evenings. Fashionable and colorful bandannas, slip-ons and shawls made of light material are sure to be a fashion hit.

Further, more formal clothing will also come in handy when visiting religious places. Due respect is expected every time and removing leather shoes and belts when entering the premises are strictly observed.

To be sure you are on top of the latest news about all-inclusive Mauritius holiday deals, check out Mauritius Connection. With just a click of the mouse, nothing can be as fashionable than surfing the cyberspace to hunt for that perfect Mauritius holiday with great all-inclusive deals in hotels in Mauritius. And you can do that while hunting for that enviable designer bikini to bring to Mauritius.

At Mauritius Connection, all the great Mauritius deals and holidays are waiting to make your dream vacations come true. With over 35 years of making luxury holidays to Mauritius, you are sure to find one that will suit your discriminating taste and satisfy your desire for a fashionable holiday in Mauritius, an island where behind each smile lies the promise of a unique Mauritius holiday and every step is like a catwalk on the fashion runway.